Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do you like to read?

I love to read.  I have just recently started to "break out of my shell" though.  I have be an avid Stephen King reader since I was 18, reading only his books.  I finished one of his books without one in line to be next and had to ready someone different.  I know it doesn't sound devastating but it was to me. 

So my question to you is:  "Do you like to read?"  Is so "Who?"  "Does it matter?  Or do you read a variety of different authors?


  1. I love to read...Steven King is a bit morbid for me but I do love murder well as feel good books like "The Help" alot!

  2. A lot of people are turned off by Steven King because the books that have been made popular are the "gory" one. But in reality many of his books are not gross or morbid but just plain weird. I LOVED the Gunslinger Series. It was interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a good book without it being gross.