Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh NO!!! My water is contaminated.....

I just received a phone call from the school district where my son attends that our local water is contaminated with E-Coli!  I cannot believe we are just finding out about it and not from the water company but from my son's school!

I am not happy right now and all the stores are out of water, I was only able to get 4 gallons for 4 people so will have to go to the next city over to get more tomorrow since they do not have the same water company.

I heard through the grapevine that this problem has existed since the 16th but they are just now telling the public about it.  I can't even find out any additional info on it because all the sites talking about it are so jammed, and the water company has NOTHING about it on their website that I can find!

We have been drinking this water, bathing in this water, and washing our clothes and dishes in this water without a clue.  There was also coliform found in the water.

I hope this problem is fixed soon!

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  1. It becomes scary! Thanks for posting because sometimes I just forget to appreciate the great times in life!