Sunday, September 30, 2012

20 free pregnancy or ovulation test

I found this deal and had to share because I know how frustrating it is when TTC and you can't seem to get pregnant.  We have been trying for Munchkin 3 for almost a year and half but to no avail.  ui have heard great things about this and have high expectations. 

The Conceive Easy TTC kits work great to help you get pregnant.  It is ideal for

The TTC Kit contains your choice of (1) 20 Pregnancy or Ovulation tests, (2) a Basal Body Thermometer (BBT) to help you track when you ovulate, (3) a handy BBT chart and Getting Started Guide, and (4) ConceiveEasy 2-Month Starter Pack, an all-natural blend of ingredients to help boost your fertility - all in one easy to use Kit.

The TTC kits feature a unique & all-natural, doctor formulated blend of ingredients that is clinically proven to dramatically improve your chances of conception from the very first use.  

They are offering a 30-trial period.  But that is not all they are also giving you 20 pregnancy or 20 ovulation tests  or 10 of each and a Basal Body Thermometer FREE which is yours to keep no matter if you decide to continue with the program or not.

To participate in the 30-day trial go to the Conceive Easy website and sign up.  You must use the link in this post to get this deal.

I can't wait to get my kit!  We have been TTC for over a year with no luck so hopefully this does the trick.

*Pay S&H

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