Thursday, October 4, 2012

Laptop Update!!

I was able to fix my laptop that was telling me it was missing a boot driver or something like that.  I thought it was a lost cause and was prepared to either buy a new laptop or pay almost as much to have it fixed.  I was super bummed.

Then my hubby made a great suggestion that never thought of and still didn't think it would work for a missing driver but it did.  He suggested
I restore the laptop to factory settings.  I was doubtful but figured that the laptops condition could not get any worse so I would give it a try.  So I looked up how to do it on Google because I had access to nothing really on it unless it was in the system tray so couldn't find it on my own.

Anyway, I found how to do it and started the process.  30 minutes later I had a restored computer that was as good as new.  I am just hoping I didn't have anything too important on it that could have been recovered before I completely wiped the computer but I barely used the laptop and mainly used it for when I was in school so all my old schoolwork is gone but I think I can survive without that. 

So now I have a working laptop again which is good because I am about to enroll back into school again so I can get my prerequisites done for nursing school.  I just thought I would share so if you ever have a total helpless feeling with computer issues you may be able to resort to this and fix the problem.

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