Monday, November 12, 2012

Caramel Without Cream???

I wanted to make caramel apples but didn't have any cream or condensed milk, or evaporated milk.  All I had was 1% milk and an almost full container of caramel & chocolate coffee creamer.  You cannot do any kind of caramel with just turns into sweetened scolded milk and doesn't thicken because there is not enough fat.

 BUT...  I figured that the creamer had enough fats in it that the caramel would thicken.  Right?  Well I thought I would try it.  I didn't want to waste all my expensive creamer though if it was a total bust so I cut the recipe down by 3/4.  It made just enough to make one apple with a few little caramel "log" pieces on the side to play with.  

I tasted the was good....has Munchkin 1 try it and tell me what he thought it tasted like.  "Caramel" he said.  Awesome, so it taste like what it is supposed to be....So I taste it again but this time with me willingness.  It was not only good, I think it was better with the coffee creamer than with regular cream!!  It added a depth to the flavor and was wonderful!! 

So now I am waiting on my hubby to get home to cut the apple and try it all together for the final decision but as of right has a good chance.

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