Saturday, June 30, 2012


I may not have a lot of chances to post tomorrow but will do my best.  I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Mail Call

This was an usually good week for me for mail!  I got something almost everyday!  What did yo get?
What I got:

Like Wine? Get Some FREE

Sign up today for INVINO today and use code DM10 to get a free $10 credit!  Some wines are only $8.99 so that means FREE WINE!  You might even get an email for a free shipping which means it would be totally free!

Hurry!!! L'Oreal Kids Shampoo $1

You can get L'Oreal Kids hair care products for $1 at FRY'S! They are on sale for $2 (until 7/3).

L'Oreal Kids Hair care (9 oz.)$2 (through 7/3)
$0.75/1 L'Oreal Kids 06/03/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/29/2012) (worth $1)
Final price: $1

Note: All manufactures coupons are worth at least $1 where I live so that is how I figured the math. Coupons may not be rounded up to a dollar where you live so check your local store. I am also unsure if this deal is at KROGER stores as well.

Free Snausages at Family Dollar

Use the $1/1 Snausage Product or the $1/1 Snausages from the 6/24 RP at Family Dollar to get FREE Snausages dog treats!  My dogs love these! 

Buy Snausages In A Blanket $1Use $1/1 Snausage Product or $1/1 Snausages (RP, 6/24)
Final Cost: FREE!

3 FREE Samples

Who wants not one, not two, but three FREE SAMPLES?  Yes, you heard right 3 FREE SAMPLES!  All with 1 order form!  You even get to pick out the 3 samples you want!  They even have adult products!  Go Now this won't last long.

U by Kotex- Free samples with clutch

Go Here to get your free U by Kotex samples and clutch. It is easy and fun to score this very pretty freebie. All you have to do it create your very own inspiration board. Decorate it with anything your want and then submit your info. That's it!

Friday, June 29, 2012

***HOT***Free Salon Quality Hair Color Kit

Want a salon quality hair coloring kit for FREE from eSalon!  Right now you can get a free kit.  I have heard amazing things about eSalon!  I just ordered my free kit and only paid $4.95 for shipping which is totally worth it.  I also got an extra bottle for touch-ups!  That means I will be receiving 2 bottles of salon quality hair color and I only had to pay shipping.  How awesome is that?  All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

Visit the eSalons Blog and read what they are about; at the bottom of the page there will be a button that says "CLICK HERE" to get the special offer." I am sure you the button.

You will come to the page where you must begin your analysis.  Answer honestly, because they use your answers to blend the perfect hair color for you!  This is a free trial so when it ask you how often you would like to color your hair select 12 weeks so you have plenty of time to get the hair color, try it and see if you like it.  If you don't like it cancel.

It will take you through the checkout process, including asking if you want to purchase salon quality reusable tools for $9.95 (or something) Usually almost $20.  You do not have to do this.  Then enter your credit card info.

I am so excited to get my FREE SALON QUALITY HAIR COLOR and I hope you are too!

This is a free trial which means it will be on a revolving reorder schedule.  That is why it is important to cancel if you would not like to continue with their product services.  Make sure you cancel in the time that you choose for how often you would like to dye your hair.

In ordr to cancel you must email or call eSalon
phone: 1-866-550-2424

Rejuvasea Review and Giveaway (reviewed by Adventures of a Midlife Mommy)

A few months ago, I stumbled across this awesome offer for a free months worth of Rejuvasea skincare products. I figured it was too good to be true, but signed up anyways. About 2 weeks later a box with 3 products showed up in my mailbox.
I couldn't wait 'til bedtime & I immediately tried out my new score.
I started with the exfoliating cleanser, the first thing I noticed was the fresh, clean scent. It kinda smells like rain, if that makes sense.
It has a grainy texture for gentle exfoliation of the dead skin cells, but it's not overly rough, even on the delicate skin under the eyes.
It left my skin feeling so smooth and squeaky clean, without any residue.
The second step was the Firming Serum. I was pleased to find that it had the same fresh scent as the cleanser did. The directions say to use it twice daily, after using the cleanser. It can be used alone or under makeup. It's not greasey & absorbs quickly.
The third step is the 2 minute eye lift. I kid you not, when I say I noticed a visible difference in the tiny lines around my eye. I'm just now at the age where those tiny lines are kinda bothersome, so I was really impressed by this.
It felt really nice & cool as I applied it and it didn't burn or sting at all. I love the fact that these products contain all natural ingredients, my skin can be kinda sensitive, so this is a major plus.
I rarely ever spend money on targeted beauty products, such as these, but I would totally buy these products. (If I hadn't already spent my "free money" on diapers)
I was not financially compensated for this review, this is just my opinion and yours may differ.

RéjuvaSea is an ocean-based, nutrient-enriched powerhouse of anti-aging that doesn't just try to erase the symptoms of aging skin... it helps to reverse the causes to give you healthier, younger-looking skin, taking years off your appearance and giving you confidence like never before.
By literally replicating the Veta de la Palma ecosystem in their state-of-the art research facility, We were able to create RéjuvaPlankton, the key ingredient in the RéjuvaSea Complete Skin Nutrition System. RéjuvaPlankton, combined with the other nourishing botanical ingredients found in the Réjuvasea system, stimulate collagen production and increase cellular metabolism in your skin to give you a potent tool to fight against aging skin as well as everyday skin damaging factors such as smog, smoke, the sun and stress. Pollutants that contribute towards an uneven complexion, and those annoying spots that keep appearing.
With regular use, RéjuvaSea will help you achieve healthier skin for a more youthful and vibrant complexion.

These products come with a 60 day money back guarantee and are dermatologist tested. (No Animal Testing)

Are there any potential allergens in RéjuvaSea?
>RéjuvaPlankton, the essential ingredient in RéjuvaSea, is an ocean-based, natural plant. There are no known allergens in RéjuvaSea for common allergies, but if you are prone to allergies in general or are allergic to seafood, please check with your doctor prior to use.

Can RéjuvaSea be used on dark complexions?
Yes, RéjuvaSea can be used on all complexions and skin types, because it works by delivering nutrients deep into your skin cells, leading to healthier skin no matter what your complexion or skin type.

The wonderful people over at Rejuvasea are allowing me to offer 4 complete systems per every 100 "likes"  they receive  through this giveaway, so your chances of winning are great!!! What are you waiting for, go get those entries in!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Print your coupons before they Disappear

Don't forget that the end of the month is coming!  If you haven't printed this month's coupons yet go do it!  Many of the coupons will be gone come the first of the new month so make sure you don't miss out!

Hurry!!!!! Free Herbal Essences Product Coupon (First 75,000)

Get a FREE Herbal Essences Product (coupon by mail)! All you have to do is visit their Facebook page to request a coupon your coupon ($3.99 value!) This is only for the first 75,000 people! Hurry over there because this won’t last long! Let us know if youget one!!!

Save on Gas

Who couldn't use some savings on gas?  You can earn savings from Shell with their new Spin and Win Game.  It has never been easier to save money on gas!!!  I won .25 cents off a gallon!

It's Back!!!

The Haribo coupon is back!  Print now, they always go fast. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012


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Do you like to read?

I love to read.  I have just recently started to "break out of my shell" though.  I have be an avid Stephen King reader since I was 18, reading only his books.  I finished one of his books without one in line to be next and had to ready someone different.  I know it doesn't sound devastating but it was to me. 

So my question to you is:  "Do you like to read?"  Is so "Who?"  "Does it matter?  Or do you read a variety of different authors?

Free Loreal Hair Color

Sign up and be eligible to get free hair color up to a $9.99 value.  It is free and easy. 

Going to the Movies?

June 26 - July 1 you can get a FREE small popcorn at Regal Cinemas.  Print the coupon to get your free popcorn.  How easy is that?!

Back to normal broadcasting!

I hate that I have not posted my deals the last few days and had to change my facebook page.  Well the blog and facebook page are now back on line.  Finally think I got it, with the help of my very computer savvy brother (thanks lil brother).  I will try to give you lots of freebies and deal to make up for what we missed over the last day or so.

Good Morning

Hopefully today I can get the facebook page up and running smoothly.  I can't believe it has been such a pain but it has.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New facebook page

I have been forced to create a new Facebook page.  The new link is

Facebook Page

I apologize for the Facebook page not acting the way it should.  I have put in a ticket to Facebook to resolve this issue.  For now you can still find all the deals and post on the blog.

Five Hour Energy Sample

Get that tired feeling?  Try Five Hour Energy instead of coffee or soda.  Get your sample now.

Free Freezable Coasters

What better way to keep your drink cold in the summer than a coaster fresh out of the freezer?  Get your FREE* freezable coaster from L&M

*Registration to the L&M site is required if not already registered.  You MUST be 21 or older to join the site.  Age will be verified.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Free Two Year Lego Magazine Subscription

Right now you can get a FREE two year subscription to Lego Club Magazine.  They have Lego Club Jr. for children under 7. My son LOVES this magazine and we would both recommend it for boys and girls of all ages.  This makes a great gift.

Free Glasses!!!


You can get a FREE pair of designer glasses from All you have to do is go to and pick out your favorite pair of glasses. Then when you check out apply coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout. They carry both mens and womens glasses and there is something for everyone. If you get your glasses and they do not fit or you decide you don't like them then you can return the free of charge and still get a different free pair that fits or you like better. What's better than free?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Need Coupons?

Print coupons for free!

Freebie Alert

Free Kiss nails at Dollar General. Right now Kiss nails and nail stickers are just a dollar and free with coupon. Click the link below for coupon.

Free Jewelry and More

Like Free? Sign up for Copious today to get a $10 credit to use on anything on the site. Many items have free shipping as well. Look at this beautiful necklace and earring set that is only $10!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Make sure you visit my sister blog


Under the coupons tab you can print many different high value coupons like $2 off Loreal Hair color or $1 off Garnier shampoo or conditioner. There are also coupons codes; you can get free shipping with Kohls or 25% off at Best Buy! Great deals await you my friends.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Won

I just won $50 Concert Cash from the Bud Light Amplify your Summer contest!  Will you win too?  Enter here and find out!  Comment and let me know if you won!!

First giveaway and Blogging Opp

I will be sponsoring my FIRST giveaway starting July 25th and ending August 15th.  It will be for a diamond candle and Kindle Fire with TWO winners.  I am so excited.  There are more spaces open to sponsor this giveaway so head over here today and tell them Jenn, Mom of Two Munchkins sent you!

In the beginning....

I know the blog is moving at a snails pace right now but I am getting the blog set up and have an up coming vacation.  I promise the pace will pick up soon.  Glad to have you with me.


Break out the champagne and party poppers.  This blog is officially going!!!  I am so excited and hope you are just as excited.  I hope we have fun together.  If you ever have any suggestions to make the blog better just let me know!  Thanks for joining me on this journey.  This ship is ready to sail.