Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aerobie Skylighter Flying Disc

My family likes to go out back and throw a disc around.  Unfortunately we live in Arizona where it is unbearably hot for most of the year during the day.  Because of the heat we have resolved to doing our disc throwing after dinner which doesn't leave much time because it gets too dark to see the disc coming at you.  It would still be light enough to see but very difficult to see a small flying disc coming at your face!

We had to find a solution because we loved this family time after dinner.  It got us outside and away from the couch and we were spending time together making memories.  That is priceless and I didn't want to lose that because it got too dark to see the disc.  We had to find a solution and I did!  My solution is the Aerobie Skylighter flying disc.  It is

The Aerobie Skylighter flying disc lights up so when it starts to get to dark to see a normal flying disc we can still see the Aerobie Skylighter flying disc.  The lights are L.E.D. lights so you know they are bright but don't worry they don't blind you.  The lights are placed in the center of the underside of the disc so that the disc is still evenly weighted.  The two tiny L.E.D. lights light up the entire circumference of the disc's rim.

The disc is heavier than many disc but I think it makes it easier to toss.  The Aerobie Skylighter flying disc has a spoiler rim as well that makes it easy to throw without all the wobbling that you get with traditional flying disc.  This makes it easy for beginners and experts alike.  This disc has incredible distance as well.  It has low-profile, low drag aerodynamics that produce long and easy flights.

Munchkin 1 always seems to be able to hurt himself on the darnedest things, including a flying disc.  Yes, he has cut his hand multiple times catching traditional flying disc.  But in his defense I think it is because traditional flying disc are made of hard plastic and some have sharp seams.  The Aerobie Skylighter flying disc is great though and has a cushioned edge that not only makes it easy and comfortable to catch but less dangerous for Munchkin 1's hands.  The rim is also textured for a secure grip.

We love our Aerobie Skylighter flying disc and I know what I will be doing for Christmas presents next year for my nieces and nephews!

Aerobie doesn't just have these disc however.  They have a bunch of great toys.  Make sure you check out their site.  You can also look up where to buy Aerobie products!

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  1. The Aeropress sounds like a good coffee press.

  2. My kids would love the Aerobie® Skylighter™
    Lighted Disc.

  3. Aerobie® Superdisc™ Ultra is the one I like

  4. I would love to have the Aerobie® Superdisc™ Ultra. awesome! :]

  5. Aerobie® Skylighter™Lighted Disc

    Robin A

  6. Aerobie YoYo or MegaTop. I like both, but think the YoYo might still be too hard for the kiddos.