Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blessing Bar From Bejeweled Bubbles

As I am sure your family does, our family washes our hands a lot.  We love to use soaps that smell nice and get our hands clean.  It can't be just one or other.  I don't like the "soap smell".  I am sure you know the one I am talking about.  I want my soap to have a personality, okay well scent at least.  I am pretty picky when it comes to my soaps but I have found one that has even more personality than I dreamed possible.  I know it is strange to hear (or read) of soaps having personality but what can I say....I like soap.

The soap I have discovered is unlike anything I have ever seen and think it is very clever.  Bejeweled Bubbles makes all types of soaps that have surprises in them!  They have soaps with jewelry and soaps with money.  Bejeweled Bubbles have many more types as well.  They even have
lip balm.

I had the opportunity to review a Blessing Bar in Lavender Vanilla.  I got to actually choose the type of blessing I wanted from motivation, religion, love or friendship.  I could have even created my own custom message.  How cool is that?  A custom personal message would be great for a significant other or maybe a child.  I chose the "love blessing".

When the Blessing Bar arrived in the mail it was wrapped beautifully. I wasn't expecting it to come in a cute little bag.  I love these little bags because I can reuse them for other things!  Once I took it out of the bag it was also wrapped in plastic to keep moisture away from the soap.  Bejeweled Bubble really put a lot of thought into their packaging.  It was a nice thing to see.

It was exciting to see that I could see the blessing in the soap before I even used it.  That just made me want to wash my hands even more just to get to the blessing!  I was patient thought and washed my hands as usual.  I noticed that the blessing was closer to the bottom than right in the middle and I was glad to see that.  I think if it was directly in the middle and you had to use all the soap before getting to the blessing then it would become cumbersome to use the soap because soap does not always wear evenly and the blessing is in a rigid vial to keep it safe.

The scent was pleasant although I do wish it was a bit stronger because I like it the scent to stick with me for a while but I understand that I am probably one in few in that respect.  Many people do not like things to e heavily perfumed so Bejeweled Bubbles hit a good medium on scent.  The blessing bar was a good size too, not too big, not too small.  Munchkin 2 decided that it was her soap and all she uses to wash her hands now.  She loves it.  She has recently discovered money so I will have to get her one of the Clean Cash Bars.

At last we got to the blessing.  Okay it really didn't take too long but it seemed like forever because I was so anxious!  No, I am not very patient.  I am still a kid at heart.  The little vial was cute and sealed well.  None of the soap or water got into the vial.  Once I opened the vial and pulled out the blessing I was surprised to see that they also had a plastic coating on the blessing so that if on the off chance that water did get in the vial the blessing still would not be damaged.  It was wonderful to see that type of attention to detail.  The paper it was on was also very sweet.  I loved the blessing I got and find it very true.  My blessing was

"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine,
and man cannot live without love."

Overall I was very pleased with the Blessing Bar from Bejeweled Bubbles.  I look forward to trying more Bejeweled Bubbles products.  I cannot wait to buy some Clean Cash Bars for the Munchkins.  I am thinking these would be great for their Easter baskets.  Did I mention that the Clean Cash Bars have actual cash in them?  Anywhere from $1- $20?  It is like getting paid to wash your hands!

Want to win a Blessing Bar?  You can enter to win one HERE!

Can't wait to try it?  Or want to try a different product?  Not a problem!  Visit Bejeweled Bubbles to view all their products.

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  1. What a cute product! I can just see this now in my "stash" of gifts that I keep for stocking stuffers, gift baskets, emergency gifts, etc. I love that it comes in a sachet bag, just lovely and it is so pretty since it is glycerin! I have them bookmarked!

  2. this looks like a great prize! Thanks.