Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Munchkin 2 and I love our Flirty Aprons!

So I have been on the prowl for a great apron for a while.  I cook a lot and love to bake.  I am a super messy cook and baker though.  I am usually covered with flour from head to toe and my kitchen looks like it snowed inside by the time I am done baking so I desperately needed an apron but didn't want some dollar store apron that would fall apart after one wash.  Been there done that and vowed never to do it again.

I was stumped on where to get my apron from because the aprons I would find at big name stores were not calling my name and I wanted something that was cute and would last!  I also wanted one for Munchkin 2 because she frequently helps in the kitchen.  So I began my search.  I looked in stores and online.  I found one brand that really stood out,
Flirty Aprons.

Flirty Aprons had fun and feminine aprons not only for me but for Munchkin 2 as well and they matched each other!  Too cute!  They also have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  I was sold; cute apron for me and Munchkin 2 and a guarantee.  Doesn't get much better than that!

Wearing our Flirty Aprons and sticking our tongues out.

I chose the Marilyn Sugar and Spice Apron. design for both of us.  It couldn't get here fast enough.  Shipping was super quick.  Once the package got here I torn it open and Munchkin 2 and I put on our Flirty Aprons.  We were both in love.  It had a cute little hot pink bow with "jewels" on the pocket and ruffles at the bottom.  It was right around dinner time so we got to try them out right away, which was good because I don't think Munchkin 2 would have waited.  While I started dinner Munchkin 2 decided it would be fun to steal a tomato out of the fridge on chow down.  I was a little worried because she always gets tomato all over her shirt but I figured it was a good test for the apron.  She did indeed get tomato all over the apron and as we know tomato is a pesky stain in most fabrics.

The stain even had time to sit because I didn't wash the apron until the next day. The tomato came out great!  You couldn't even tell there was a stain at all!  So not only is this apron great for cooking it works great to protect little ones clothes while they are eating messy foods!  Bonus!

Sorry it is sideways.  This is Munchkin 2 in her Flirty Apron!

Now every night as soon as I step foot in the kitchen to make dinner Munchkin 2 grabs her Flirty Apron and starts to put it on.  She loves her Flirty Apron and helps me in the kitchen every night.  I never thought an apron could be able to bring us together more and help us bond but Flirty Aprons has done just that!

Flirty Aprons doesn't just sell Women's Aprons and Children's Aprons they have Men's Aprons too.  Not to mention all the other products they have like their Toddler Bibs , Rubber Gloves , and Oven Mitts .  The Oven Mitts even match the aprons.  Some of the Rubber Gloves do too.  Love it!

Head over to Flirty Aprons now and buy one or three!  They really are great aprons and I plan on buying more so when I have one in the wash I still have one to wear.  Or just so I can have choices!  I love choices.

Flirty Aprons is partnered with Gloss Jewelry.  Check out my Gloss Jewelry Review.

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  1. I like how long the kid apron is

  2. Those are so cute! I had no idea they had kid ones! Our daughter would love that!!