Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let Your Shoe Fit Your "Sole"


 I have never been much of a "shoe girl".  I think it is because I am so picky on my shoes and how they fit.  Zipz shoes are really neat.  I got a pair for Munchkin 1 and he loves them.  After seeing them I think I want
a pair for myself.

Zipz shoes are the coolest shoes I have ever seen.  They allow you to change your total look without changing the sole of your shoe.  I get very attached to my shoes because once I get them broken in they are comfy but they get worn out and I need new ones, even if the soles are in good condition.  This is not a problem with Zipz because I would be able to keep my same comfy soles and just buy new replacement tops.  This is a great solution for me.

Munchkin 2 is thrilled with his because no one else has them!  He is the only kid in his school right now with them and all the other kids want to know where to get a pair.  He can't wait to get more tops so he can change them out whenever he wants.

This is great as well because Zipz has a ton of styles to choose from and you can go from funky to rockin or hi-top to lo-top all with a zip.  There is something for everyone.  I got Munchkin 1 the lo-top in Tin Man because I thought they were clean looking and could be dressed up or dressed down.  They are really great looking shoes.  They also look like they will last a long time. 

Check out Zipz for yourself.  One shoe.....Endless Possibilities!

Enter to win a pair for yourself....or someone else HERE.

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  1. The look pretty nice !! Good to know you can dress them up for down too. Thanks for the review...