Friday, January 18, 2013

Magic Princess wall decal by Dezign With a Z

Hubby and I just totally revamped Munchkin 2's walls and was thinking about hiring someone to paint as mural on her wall.  Great idea right?  Well once we rethought it, not so much since it could be costly and we are renting and it would have to be painted over when we leave.  We decided it would be a wast of money.  Instead we started looking into
wall decals and wall stickers.

We figured a wall decal was a nice medium between nothing and painting the walls.  Looking around at different sites I found Dezign with a Z.  They had a a great selection of wall decals for kids rooms.  I loved that they even separate the tab for kids rooms into babies, toddlers, and kids.  That way while looking for something specific it is easy to find. 

We searched through all their options and decide on the Custom Lettering Magic Princess wall decal.  It was super cute and we loved that we would be able to have her name on it.  The fact that it was surrounded by butterflies was a big part of why we chose it as well because Munchkin 2 is obsessed with butterflies. We also got to pick the color.  They had a huge selection of colors.  We picked purple.

I was surprised at the quality of the vinyl for the decal.  It was a great quality.  The color was a vibrant purple and went great with her room scheme which was pink, green, and purple. 

We got the largest size they had the 100" x 88".  It is massive and we love it.  She was thrilled as soon as she saw the butterflies.  She kept saying "butterfly" over and over.  I knew we had picked the right one.  Applying it up was pretty easy for its size. I made a few mistakes but that was my own fault.  I ripped it once because I thought it had peeled and it didn't.  Not a big deal because it barely shows.  And at the bottom I wasn't being careful and it folded against itself  and it ended up being a little wrinkly when I applied it.  I was not too happy with myself.  But what is done is done and cannot be undone.  I was super thrilled with the results though.  So is Munchkin 2.  She loves it. 

Order your own wall decal from Dezign With a Z today!  You wont be disappointed!

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  1. This is cute. I would love to get a huge wall decal for my children's rooms!

  2. Holy cow! This is amazing. I bet your daughter loved it.

  3. Wow that is so adorable! I love it and it's so big!