Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Week of Family Outtings


 I Love to spend time with my family and this week has been Awesome.  On Thursday Hubby, Munchkin 2 and I went to the local farm, Schnepf Farms.  It was bittersweet because the dog that was always outside the farms country store had been hit by a car and killed the week before so she was not there to greet us as usual.  But we
ventured on anyway.   We first went to the U-Pick garden and picked green onions, spinach, lettuces, broccoli, and radishes.  We then continued around the farm to look at the blooming peach trees, Which were gorgeous.  After looking at the beautiful blossoms we moved on to see the deer.  The deer are very friendly and com right up to the fence to say "hello".  It was past lunch time and we were ready to go home so decided to forgo the petting area this time.

         Pea Bloom                        Picking Green Onions

The Peach Blossoms

The petting area is super neat though and has a slide for kids to slide right down in to the goat pen which the Munchkins love.  It also has a HUGE I mean massive bull.  Like seriously, the bull stand taller than my husband who is 6'2!  I have never seen such a large bull.  They also have some chickens and donkeys.

Give me Kisses

Before going to the country store to try a few samples and rest before piling int he car we decided to stop by the newly built pig pen.  They used to have just 3 pigs in three houses.  Yep, the three little pigs theme!  But they built a new pen for them and have more pigs now and they were super sweet and loved to be petted.  We fed them a few of the veggies we had picked from the garden and one escaped and we had to get on of the farm hands to get them back into the pen.  It was hilarious.

Finally we got to the country store and tried some samples of sauces and salsas.  They make all their own sauces and they are fantastic.  We ended up buying a Mango-Lime Salsa and it is super yummy.

Paying respects to Buttercup- placing flowers

Making Faces
On Friday we just spent the day at home but Saturday we went back to Schnepf Farms so Munchkin 1 could go as well.  This time we made sure to stop by Buttercup's grave and leave notes on the board and flowers.  It was a hard thing to do and the Munchkins were sad but took it well.  Then we walked around the farm as we had on Thursday.

Then today since Hubby was working the Munchkins and I decide it would be a good day to go to the park.  So we did just that.  We walked to the park, Munchkin 1 had a friend come with us as well.  We had a blast and I took lots of pictures of them playing.  The park has a huge field that is used for soccer next to it so we ran around int he field playing with a little soccer ball for a while and the Munchkins slid and climbed on the equipment.  The we walked his friend home on the way home and went home to eat lunch.

We have had a great family week.  I can not wait for more nice weather so we can have more outdoor family time!


  1. I try to schedule family outings too. If I don't, my computer calls to me. LOL

  2. Schnepf Farms looks like lots of fun! What a fun week you have had!