Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Don't Fight With Your Boxes

I love boxes and have a stockpile in my garage.  I keep boxes from everything, okay not everything but if something comes in a nice sturdy box I keep it.  You never know when you are going to need a good box.  I have big boxes and small boxes.  The one thing I hate about the boxes I have is the ones that break down nicely have to be taped up to use.  The ones that do not break down are a pain to store and take up a lot of room.

I was recently asked to review SmoothMove Moving Boxes and needless to say I was super excited.  Yeah I know it takes a special kind of person to get as excited about boxes as I do.  I am sure you have heard of a "bankers box" before tight?  Well the term Bankers Box comes form the actual company Bankers Box for their well know and sturdy boxes with lids.  It is just like how someone will call a tissue a "Kleenex" or a soda a "Coke" or "Pepsi".  It is just a company's whose product was so well known and trusted it because the general word for similar products.  This is what happened with the Banker's Box.  The reason I bring up Banker's Boxes is because SmoothMove Boxes are by that same famed and trusted company Bankers Box! 

SmoothMove has a wide variety of boxes from the ones you need to tape to tape-less to specialty boxes (wardrobe, picture/mirror, and dish).  As a box enthusiast I should have know there were so many types of boxes but I had no clue that there were boxes that were basically a mini closet!  I got a box kit to review so I could have a wide range of boxes to review from small to large.  When the UPS man brought the boxes I was in box heaven.  I had literally boxes of boxes!  I was very excited so of course I took them inside and began to "play" with them.

I received 4 different boxes and packing tape with dispenser to review.

Medium FastFold Moving Boxes

Medium FastFold Moving Boxes make packing a breeze because they are super easy to assemble and do not need any tape.  I cannot count the countless hours I have spent taping boxes, rather it be for moving or storage.  It is a time consuming task that is no longer needed thanks to the SmoothMove Fast Fold Boxes. 

The FastFold boxes have a patented design that allows you to assemble the box in seconds.  The flaps lock into place making packing tape a thing of the past.  They are strong and durable and the thing I loved about them was they were easy to lift and move because of the built in handles.  The flat that wrapped around the box made it even more comfortable to carry because there weren't any sharp edges to dig into my hands.  I absolutely love the fact that once the box has been unpacked I can fold it flat again and store it to use again.

The FastFold boxes come in sizes; small, medium, large and file. The dimensions are as follows:
Small- 16"x12"x12" (1.3 cu. ft) Comes in set of 10
Medium- 18"x18"x16" (3 cu. ft) Comes in set of 8
Large- 18"x18"x24" (4.5 cu. ft) Comes in set of 6
File - 10"x12"x15" (1 cu. ft)  Comes in set of 12

Large Picture and Mirror Boxes

I never knew there was such a thing as picture or mirror boxes but here it is!  Imagine that.  All you have to do is wrap your picture or mirror well in bubble wrap or whatever else you use to wrap your fragiles then put it int he box.  Make sure you also fill in any extra space in the box with material as well so it is not moving around.  Packing tape is needed for this box but not a big deal.  The only probably I have is I don't have any pictures big enough to utilize this box BUT I could put multiple picture in it and it would work rather nicely for my 16 x 20's.

Medium - 37"x4"x27" Comes in set of 4
Large - 48"x4"x33" Comes in set of 4

Dish Moving Boxes

Single Wall vs. Double Wall

A box especially for your dishes!  What a great concept.  I always feel that my dishes need more protection than anything else in my house when moving or storing.  I think this is partly because I am such a kitchen snob and if anything in my kitchen were to break during a move there would be hell to pay.  SO this box is perfect for me because it is not an ordinary box.  Oh no, it is much more than what it seems to be on the outside.  This box has a double wall that adds extra protection for those kitchen breakables (or any other breakables you want to use it for).  as with any box you still want to wrap your dishes and fragiles but the double wall adds an extra layer of protection that make me feel safe moving my beloved kitchen items.  This has to be the first box I have ever seen with double wall construction.  Genius!

The Dish Moving boxes are 18"x18"x28". And come in sets of 4.

Wardrobe Moving Boxes


I have always just folded all my clothes and put them in a box when moving and storing.  But no matter how neatly I folded them they came back out of the box wrinkled and needing to be ironed.  I always felt my folding and putting them in nicely was pointless because I had to iron them anyway so why bother but always did it.  I guess I kept secretly hoping that one day I would do it and they would come out of the box in great condition, not needing the iron.  Never happened though.  I no longer have to worry about that though.  I now have boxes meant especially for storing my clothes.  It even has a bar to hang them on!  I am stoked.  I have never seen a box as neat as this.  The bar will hold up to 2 linear feet of clothes too.  That is a lot of clothes.;  So now instead of pulling my clothes off their hangers and folding them and then putting the in a box to hope they don't get too wrinkled; I can just take them out of my closet and hang them in the box!  I am super excited about this and it will make storing winter/summer clothes a breeze.  This box will save me so much time.  I can even hang dresses in it.

 24"x24"x40"   Comes in set of 3

That's not all!
SmoothMove carries many other products that come in very handy when moving including mattress bags, bubble wrap, peanuts (not the kind you eat), furniture pads, moving rope, markers and box cutters, cushion foam, stretchwrap, and tape.  They truly are your one stop shop for moving supplies.  The only thing they don't have for moving is the truck and the hunky moving guys (wink) but maybe one day they will have those too. 

Ready to order and see for yourself the magic of these boxes?  SmoothMove has offered an exclusive offer for Jenn, Mom of Two Munchkin readers 10% off their order AND Free shipping!  Enter MUNCHKINS at checkout.

SmoothMove has been generous enough to offer one of my readers the chance to win a set of moving boxes of their choice (excluding kits and supplies).  Enter Below.

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  1. I would pick the wardrobe moving box

  2. i just moved into my new place a few days ago. having boxes like this would have made it all a lot easier. i usually get boxes from walmart that they have from putting stock away. you never know how sturdy they are going to be and they are all different sizes.