Thursday, February 28, 2013

Enter to Win Toe Juice

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Toe Juice was created by high school teacher that had an infant son that was suffering from flaky, dry, cracked feet. All the lotions that were tried on his son's feet were just to plain messy and ineffective so he decided to do some research of his own. After all his time thinking he finally came up with a revolutionary new product. Not only did Toe Juice help out his son's feet, but also over the years it helps out many friends, family, and acquaintances.

Toe Juice main ingredient is DermaVine. Which DermaVine is a blend of plant-based extracts that enhance the skin's natural repairing ability. It contains willow bark, lemon peel, and cinnamonum extracts.

I had the opportunity to review Toe Juice Signature Package and loved it. I tend to suffer from psoriasis and get dry, flaky skin all the time from it that will itch. With Toe Juice I can add it to the areas that are itching and dry to help. To apply it I would just squirt a little to a cotton ball and apply it to the area. The main thing I like about this product is that I can apply this product on my children if they are having some dry skin issues as well!

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  1. I would use Toe Juice on my legs. They get very itchy during winter and I have no idea why. I scratch them til they turn red!