Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pancake Recipe

I am not a huge fan of pancakes.  I eat then on occasion but my Hubby and Munchkins LOVE them.  They also make super easy breakfast if you make them ahead of time and freeze them.  I try to always have some pancakes and waffles in my freezer.  I also like to add different mix-ins to my pancakes to change it up a bit so they don't get boring.  The great thing is there are so many different things that go great with pancakes that the options are endless.  I have used everything from chocolate chips to cinnamon and sugar.  And don't forget you can top them as well.


Makes about 12 - 14 pancakes
Total Time: 15 minutes


2 cups Baking Mix
2 eggs
1 cup milk


  1. whisk milk and eggs together
  2. mix in baking mix
  3. pour a small amount on a griddle
  4. flip pancake when the edges are starting to bubble
  5. cook until cooked though
If you would like to add mix-ins then you will want to add these between steps 2 and 3.  You can either  add them to the mix or sprinkle them on the pancake before it is flipped. 

Note:  This recipe uses my homemade baking mix.  You can find the recipe for the baking mix here.

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