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Win The Best of Newmans Own Organics Products (IMO)

Newman's Own Organics can easily be confused with Newman's Own because of their similar name but they are not the same company or products.  Newman's Own Organics was started as a part of Newman's Own but was separated from the parent company in 2001.  They now are run and operated separately and have different products.

NOO (Newman's Own Organics) provide many treats that are certified Organic by the Oregon Tilth.  Ingredients have been grown on farms that have never been contaminated by use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides for at least three years.  Organic ingredients ensures that your family gets the best without any harmful chemicals.

One thing I love about Newman's Own Organics beside their tasty treats is that they give back.  Ever since 1982 Paul Newman and the Newman's Own foundation have donated over $350 MILLION to educational and charitable organizations around the world.  I love companies that give back!

I had the chance to review many of the Newman's Own Organics products and Oh, Boy!  They are delicious.  Everyone in my family had their own favorite and you will get the chance to win 4 of our favorites!  We got a huge variety of treats and couldn't wait to dig in.  We got pretzels, chocolate bars, cookies, licorice, chocolate cups, dried fruit, and mints.  YUM!

 There were too many great products to tell you about all of them so I will just tell you about our four favorites.  As I already mentioned we all had our favorites, mine was the Mocha Milk Chocolate Chocolate Bar.  It was divine!  The chocolate was smooth and creamy and had just the right amount of coffee flavor.  My husband even liked it and he isn't a huge coffee fan.  This chocolate bar has dangerous written all over it because of how very tasty it was.  NOO also has many other chocolate bars including Dark chocolate, super dark chocolate, milk chocolate, espresso dark chocolate, and orange dark chocolate.  We had the chance to try the orange dark chocolate chocolate bar as well and the kids loved ti but Hubby and I didn't really care for it because of the orange in it.
Hubby's personal favorite was the Caramel Dark Chocolate cups.  They were dark chocolate with a creamy caramel filling.  They were not my favorite but were super tasty and the caramel was some of the smoothest and silkiest caramel I have ever had.  I am kind of a caramel fanatic and these were perfect.  Four other varieties of chocolate cups are available as well; dark chocolate peanut butter, milk chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate peppermint, and milk chocolate caramel.  We also got to try the dark chocolate peppermint and the dark chocolate peanut butter.  Munchkin 1 liked the peppermint ones but the peppermint taste was too strong for myself and Hubby.  The Peanut butter ones were very tasty though, just didn't make it into the top 4.

The Munchkins favorite was the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I think this was one of all of our favorites though.  I think Hubby and I ate just as many of them as the Munchkins did.  They were scrumptious.  They had a deep chocolate flavor that was indescribable.   I am not usually a big fan of chocolate cookies with chocolate chips but these were unlike any I have ever had before.  I liked that they were mini cookies so I didn't feel obligated to eat an entire regular sized cookie, I could just grab one and pop it in my mouth and be done.  Also I wasn't able to give the Munchkins 2 or 3 and they felt like they had a large amount.  Honestly as a kid would you have wanted one regular sized cookie or 3 mini cookies?  3 cookies just sounds better.

I was going to tell you about my mother-in-laws favorite, the black licorice, yeah we shared, but decided instead to tell you about the other cookie that Hubby, the Munchkins and I loved.  The Peanut Butter Creme Filled Newman-O's.  I love sandwich cookies but had never had one made with peanut butter filling before and they were super yummy.  They have a little poem about the Newman-O's on their website that I can relate to and love.

Ode to Newman-O's
You might, m'lady tweak my nose.
You could, m'lord step on my toes.
But Heaven help those poor bozos,
who try to filch my Newman-O's

NOO has 5 other cream filled sandwich cookies in addition to the peanut butter ones; Original, chocolate, hint O'Mint, Ginger 'n' creme, and wheat and dairy free.  Something for everyone!

I know all our favorites were chocolate related but if you are not a chocolate person they have many non-chocolate items such as the licorice, ginger cookies, Fig Newmans, Pretzels, Popcorn, and so much more!  They even have pet products!

You can find stores in your area that carry Newman's Own Organics products.  

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