Friday, March 1, 2013

My Snuggle Bunny Book Personalized Children's Book

The first thing I noticed when I go the My Snuggle Bunny book with Snuggle Bunny Plush gift set was the quality.  The bunny was super soft and well made.  I was immediately in Munchkin 2's arms and getting it back from her was never going to happen.  It was love at first site.


The book was equally well made with a hard cover that has a glassy finish to it.  I loved that the title was on the first page of the book and a part of the front cover was cut out so the title page showed through instead of having the title on the actual cover.  The colors are bright and clear.

"For a Very Special Princess"

The book not only had Munchkin 2's name but the day she was born and a message from me and her dad and the year the book was given to her.  This was more in depth than many other personalized books get for their personalization.  I was very pleased.

As Munchkin 2 and I flipped through the book together and began reading the story I noticed how thick the pages were which is a great thing for a book that will belong to a toddler.  This tells me that the pages will not be torn easily or start to fall apart a few years down the road after the book have been much loved.

"5 Five Rides in your backpack as I hold you tight."

The quality of what is written on the pages is just as important, if not more important than the books physical quality.  I See Me! Books are personalized books for children.  I love the personalized book because not only does the story hold the child's attention more but it makes them feel special and boost their confidence levels and self esteem.  My Snuggle Bunny Book reads beautifully and shows many different was that love is shown.  The words are easy to understand and she loves to point at the illustration and find the butterflies in the book.  She has a bit of a butterfly obsession right now.  She also just got a new backpack so she loves that she is wearing a backpack in the book and that her snuggle bunny is riding in it.

 Munchkin 2 reading to Snuggle Bunny at naptime.

This book fits Munchkin 2 so well.  It has quickly become on of her favorite stories and it is easy to see why.  This is not the only personalized book that is available either!  I See Me! has 20 Personalized children's books.  I can not wait to get Munchkin 2 more because she loves it when she is part of the story! 

I See Me! also carries coloring books that are personalized.  If you are looking for a great Easter gift the My Snuggle Bunny book paired with their new Egg-Cellent Easter Coloring and Activity book would be a great gift.....or either on its own!  The fun doesn't stop there!  I See Me! has personalized gift for every occasion, even meal time!  Make sure you check out their website and see what treasures you can find.

You can enter to win the My Snuggle Bunny Book below.  You can also go here to find out how to enter to win 10 personalized I See Me books!  Make sure you enter both!

Enter to win a My Snuggle Bunny Book for a child you love! 

Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins was provided with a free sample of this product to review, and was under no obligation to review it.  Nor was Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.  Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins is not responsible for shipping of prize.  I See Me! has the sole responsibility for shipping of prize.  Prize value is approximately $24.95.

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