Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not Your Average Cleaning Product

Before being asked to review Monofoil I had never known that products could continue to kill bacteria, fungi, and algae for an extended period of time.  I have always thought of cleaners cleaning in the moment of you cleaning a surface but not beyond that.  My point of view has been changed though because now I know better.  Monofoil does just that.  It continues to kill microbes anywhere from 10 days up to 30 days continuously!  That means so many germ free surfaces and with 2 Munchkins in the house plus all Munchkin 1's friends...oh boy.

This product is amazing.  It has so many uses I wasn't sure where to use it first but then I thought about the room in the house that most people think of as the germiest room in the house.  You guessed it, the bathroom.  I usually hate to clean the bathroom not just because of the gross factor but because of the smell of the cleaning agents I use.  They claim to smell like Lavender or an Ocean breeze but never quite smell good and always smell like chemicals, which they are.  But MonoFoil is different.  It is odorless.  I love that.  I don't necessarily need my cleaning products to smell good, I just want them to work.  And that is just what MonoFoil does.  It works, and works, and works, and continues to work.

They have sprays and wipes and even a liquid to go in your wash!  They have thought of everything!

Let's take a minute to look at how many times a year you need to apply MonoFoil to surfaces to continuously keep that surface microbe-free, about 12 times a year.  With bleach or Lysol you would need to clean the surface 365 days a year (366 on leap year), that is everyday!  Insane!  I am not saying only clean you bathroom 12 times a year!  Do not get me wrong.  Let me explain.

 MonoFoil is much ore advanced than other cleaners and continues to kill microbes (algae, bacteria, viruses, etc) on surfaces for extended periods of time but it doesn't mean that it will keep stains or dust away.  So you will still need to clean your bathroom more than once a month, sorry, I know, you were hoping. 

Okay, lets take a step back and I will give you a bit of background on how exactly this "miracle" cleaner works.  MonoFoil is an organo-functional silane technology.  Essentially this means that it physically disrupts and destroys the organisms call membrane.  It crushes the microbe.  It uses a bio-static antimicrobial additive that is contained in the product to provide protection fro inside and out.  The product will not wash off or wear away over time even with additional cleaning and use of the surface.
For such a strong product it is hard to believe that it contains no bleach, no alcohol, no ammonia, no VOC's, it is odorless, and colorless, AND it doesn't create "super bugs".  It is also EPA registered and approved. 

It isn't just for surfaces either.  You can use it to clean that mold smell in your washer or even on clothes!  Link I said before the possibilities for this product are endless!

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