Monday, March 4, 2013

Secret Word of the Day for Lilla Rose Giveaway

This is the list of secret words for the Lilla Rose Giveaway.  Make sure you grab the correct word of the day each day and enter it on the Giveaway Tools form for an entry everyday.  Each day you can get additional entries in the giveaway just by entering the days word!

Tuesday (4/9) - Flower
Wednesday (4/10) -Clip
 Thursday (4/11) -Celtic Knot
Friday (4/12) -Dangle
 Saturday (4/13) - Easy
 Sunday (4/14) - Tiara
Monday (4/15) - Jewel
Tuesday (4/16) - Hair
Wednesday (4/17) -Dragonfly
Thursday (4/18) - Heart
Friday (4/19) -Lilla Rose
Saturday (4/20) - Butterfly
Sunday (4/21) - Tree of Life
Monday (4/22)  - Fun

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