Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shave Well Fog Free Shower Mirror

My Hubby and I like to have a mirror in the shower.  He likes to shave in the shower because it is easier for him to shave.  He gets a closer shave in the shower because that hot water makes his skin supple and hair that is hydrated with warm water is 70% easier to cut.  I like to have the mirror in the shower because it makes it easier for me to remove all my make-up without having raccoon eyes.  I also wash my face and brush my teeth in the shower.

We have tried a multitude of different in-shower mirrors that claim they are fog free.  They never live up to being fog free though.  Many didn't even make it past warming the water up before stepping into the shower!  So for a long time I had to just hope I got all my makeup off in the shower and if not then finish at the sink.  Hubby had to settle for shaving at the sink.  This meant hair was always in the sink (ick) and He had to keep a hand towel near by to help wipe off the excess shaving cream after shaving.

After Hubby's shower!  Look How Clear it is!

Then I was offered the chance to review the fog free mirror that actually does what it says it will do!  I would recommend this mirror to anyone who has faced the in-shower mirror frustrations that we have.  

Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins was provided with a free sample of this product to review, and was under no obligation to review it.  Nor was Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.  Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins is not responsible for shipping of prize.  Shave Well has the sole responsibility for shipping of prize.  Prize value is approximately $9.99.

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