Friday, March 15, 2013

Summer is Coming! Be Prepared.

Summer is almost here which means we need to start thinking about products that are summer oriented!  Yes, I know it is only March but Summer sneaks up on you faster than you would like to think.  It is 92 degrees today where I live!  So that is something to think about.  

The first thing we all think of when we think summer is swimsuits (scary music here).  I'm not ready!  That is okay though because they have a Complete Idiots Guide for thatThe Complete Idiots Guide to 200 - 300- 400 Calorie Meals will help you eat better to help slim that waistline down and get you swimsuit ready.  This book is amazing.  It is full of recipes that not only taste great but help you stick to your calorie and weight loss goals.  It even makes is easy by having meal plans already made up in the book.  Simple, I know.

Part 1 of the book is a nutrition know how  that explains what nutrients you need and how to get them, how to set yourself up for success, and of course meal planning.  The remainder of the book has very tasty, yet low calorie meals that will delight your taste buds.  These recipes include savory dishes, delicious desserts and beverages.  Whoever said low calorie food has to be tasteless was wrong!

The next major problem is our skin.  My skin tend to get oily in the summer because of sweat and sunscreen.  Bau Del Aire 2 in 1 Oil Absorbing Primer + Mask is gentle on your skin and leaves it feeling fresh and oil-free.  You no longer have to worry about that "summer shine" or any other shine for that matter.  This primer + mask is Magnesium Hydroxide, derived from Sea Water and helps suppress the formation of unwanted oil build-up on your skin.  The mask is easy to use and safe.  It is okay to use it multiple times a day without fear of adverse effects.  This is a must have summer product for women and men.

So we have covered a a book that offers awesome low calorie recipes and tips to help get the swimsuit bod and a great skin care item that should be in every woman's (or man's) bathroom, no matter the time of year.  Now we need to talk about an activity for the kiddos in the summer.  Where I live it gets extremely hot and you don't really want to be running around outside but it is nice to still be able to have some outside time, especially for the kids.  My Munchkins love to play with chalk.  This is a great summer time activity because you don't really have to move, you can stay in one place and draw a masterpiece.  I have found the cutest chalks for them from The Chalk Shop, really for Munchkin 2 but they have boy chalks and unisex chalks as well.  The ones I got though are super cute and super girlie, just how Munchkin 2 likes everything.  One is in the shape of a butterfly (her absolute favorite thing right now) and the other is a sparkly cupcake.  These chalks are going to get a lot of use and are a lot of fun just to look at.  The Chalk Shop is definitely a great place to get your chalks for your Munchkins.  They make great party favors too!

One of the most frustrating things about summer is the snacks that the kids want to eat.  The Munchkins aren't so bad but they have their friends come over and they will want chips or cookies.  Well I don't like to feed kids lots of sugars and empty calories and carbs whether they are my kids or not so I always try to have healthy options around.  I have recently reviewed another product that I think is perfect for summer because it can easily travel, it doesn't need to be refrigerated and it most importantly, taste great.  I heart keenwah is a delicious treat made from, you guessed it, Quinoa.  Now this was mine and the Munchkins first time ever having Quinoa and I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it.  We had the Cranberry Cashew flavor and it was yummy.  The cranberries are the part that remind me of summer because they are so refreshing.  This product is all natural, low in sugar, high in protein, low in calories, and Gluten-Free!  I love a product that taste great and is great for you.

You now know 4 products that I think will help your summer go smoother and I have hopefully saved you some headaches and introduced you to some new products that you will not be able to live with out this summer.

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