Saturday, April 20, 2013

Almondina Cookies

 Almondina is owned by Yuval Zaliouk who is a symphany conductor and gourmet chef.  The recipe for this delicious cookie was handed down from his grandmother who called them Petit Gateau Sec.  When she passed she handed the recipe down to her daughter ( Yuval's mother) who in turn passed it down to Yuval.  Yuval was excited to have this recipe because although his grandmother was generally forth coming with her recipes this was one she kept close until her death. 

 Chocolate Cherry
I have never really liked nuts so wasn't sure I would like Almondina cookies since they had almonds in them but knew my family would.  They are a great treat without the guilt.  Almondina is a cookie that has no-cholesterol or added fat, salt, or preservatives.  The ingredients are all ones your can not only pronounce but know of.  They aren't mystery ingredients!  I was shocked that I really enjoyed them. They are so good. 

I love the lightness of the flavors and how well they blend together.  This little cookie is not like other softer cookies either, it has a crispness to it that gives a snap when it is bit and a lovely crunch.  I am all for crisper cookies.  Even my Hubby who usually wants a softer cookies agrees that this cookie is super yummy.  As for the Munchkins, I had to hide the Almondina cookies because they sat down and ate almost an entire package the day they came in the mail.  I wasn't really worries about them having too much sugar from the cookies because they are so healthy but I wanted some too! 

The varieties available are incredible.  Almondina has so many flavors that you can get.  We was able to try the Choconut , Cinnaroma, Ginerspice, Sesame, and Chocolate Cherry.  They were all delicious in their own way.  When I tried the Chocolate Cherry I thought it would be my favorite but was wrong.  I couldn't pick a favorite.  They were all delicious.  The Sesame however, had something that I loved.  Te fact that I could serve it with dinner when I made Chinese.  It went perfectly and even helped bring out the flavors in the meals as well.  This is a versatile little cookie.  

You can buy these yummy coookies at a number of stores in your area including Fry's , Walmart, Trader Joes, Publix, Cost Plus World Market, and so many more. 

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