Monday, April 8, 2013

Drugs Make You Un-Smarter

I wish I would have known about this book a year ago when I had to explain to Munchkin 1 what heroine was along with its effects.  We found out someone close to us was addicted to heroine and had been for a over a year.  I wasn't sure how to explain things to him at first but decided that since honesty is always the best policy I told him the truth.  I told him what was happening, the effects, and the consequences that can all come from heroine.  This was not something I had ever planned for or wanted to have to explain to him at 8 years old but it happened and I did.  I made sure to explain things in a way he could understand and made sure he understood it was a sickness and the person just needed help.  I don't want you to think I told him every detail of what was happening, I censored it quite a bit but he had a good grasp of what was going on and how it would effect him in the long run.

Drugs Make You Un-Smarter is a book written by Savanna Peterson, a 15 year old who has had her own experiences with someone close to her being addicted to substances, and her grandmother and established author, Jill Vanderwood.  Savanna gives accounts of her own story and how she deals with peer pressure.  The book also has first hand accounts from various people of their addictions and how they got sober.

This book is great to encourage kids to stay drug-free but to also help those kids who have had to experience the same heartbreak that Munchkin 1 and Savanna had to experience the why's, and how's about the sickness behind addiction.  It is a very straightforward book and it covers almost any substance you can think of which is great because that makes it very thorough.  Drugs Make You Un-Smarter is recommended for 5th grade and above although under special circumstances, as I had with Munchkin 2, it may be appropriate for younger ages depending on many other factors as well.  Really, it depends on the child. 

Find out more about Savanna, what parents can do, activities and more.  Check out more books by Jill Vanderwood.

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