Thursday, April 25, 2013

Soy Serenity Candles

I have always loved candles.  I love the light they give off and the ambiance.  For me candles must also have a great scent though.  I don't want anything too strong because it can easily give me a headache but a light scent given off is perfect.  The Candle Shop has scented jar candles that are wonderful.

You would think that a place called The Candle Shop would have great candles and you would be right.  They sent me 3 Soy Serenity candle tins to review.  I was able to pick 3 different scents and picked blackberry & sage, lavender & vanilla, and sage & citrus.  They all smell great!  The blackberry & sage reminds me of the country.  I can't put my finger on exactly why but it reminds me of a time when I went to stay with a family member in the country in Georgia for a week.  It is what I would expect an old country store to smell like.  The sage & citrus was wonderful.  It was bright and sweet.  The lavender & vanilla had a clean smell and a calming effect.

The Soy Serenity candles have twice the burn time as more traditional paraffin candles.  They are also cleaner burning.  Each candle is handmade in the USA.  Each candle is Eco-friendly, non toxic, and dye-free. 

They have some amazing scent combinations.  I am sure all their scents smell just as nice.  I was excited to take a bath and have one of these candles next to me.  It  was so relaxing.  The Candle Shop has a large variety of different candles and scents so if you want a larger candle or a different scent, they have you covered. They even have jewelry candles.

Shop for Soy Candles by Fragrance.  Make sure to enter code SOYSERENITY at checkout to save 5% on your order.

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