Monday, May 6, 2013

Munchkin 2's Latest Read

As I am sure you have figured out by now, My little Munchkins love books.  I am so proud to bring up two children that have the same love for books as I have.  The latest new read we have acquired for Munchkin 2 was The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob; written by Brooks Olbrys and illustrated by Kevin Keele.  This children's book is Munchkin 2's first chapter book.  It is a little young for Munchkin 1 since he has been reading chapter books for year and like longer books, with smaller print but it is perfect for a first chapter book. 

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob is an inspiring story about a young boy, Bob, who is looking for a greater sense of fulfillment and sets out to find just that with his guardian and a hummingbird.  He undergoes many trial and tribulations that test his persistence.  He learns to conquer his fears and have faith in himself.  This book is a great read and teaches many lessons along the way. 
I love books that teach my children lessons hidden in a story.  The book was a little long to finish in one sitting and this was a big obstacle to get through as she had never had a book before that we couldn't finish in one sitting before.  So this in itself helped to teach her yet another lesson......patience.  This is a great lesson for the both of us to be honest because I have no patience so I need practice as much as she does.  :)  This is a must read.

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