Sunday, June 9, 2013

eversmoke e-cigarette


I quit smoking a little over a year ago but still have cravings.  Especially when I have a drink or two with the neighbors since they smoke.  I don't want to buy a pack of cigarettes or even ask them for one because honestly cigarettes taste horrible to me now.  But this dilemma has been solved for me by eversmoke e-cigarette. 

I have tried a different brand of e-cigarette in the past but was not fond of it.  The cartridges were refillable rather than replaceable like the eversmoke cartridges and it never charged like it was supposed to.  So when I had the opportunity to review the eversmoke e-cigarette I was excited but apprehensive because of my past experience.  I have to say though I love it! 

The e-cigarette is comfortable in your hand although it is a bit heavier than a traditional cigarette but that is to be expected. It doesn't matter if you smoke menthol or regular they have cartridges for you.  They even have flavored cartridges.  I thought the flavored cartridges were super fun.  I got a flavor sampler pack that included Cherry, vanilla, coffee, peppermint and more.  While I was not thrilled with every flavor, it was fun to try them.  The cartridges also cater to the level of nicotine you prefer in your cigarettes.  The have 5 different levels which include bold (24mg), full flavored (18mg), light (12mg), ultra light (6mg) and even no nicotine (0mg).  That means even if you are like me and have quit smoking but still want the occasional cigarette but without the addictive nicotine then you can still be satisfied.  I have been super happy with my e-cigarette.  
The replacement cartridges come in a bubble pack inside of a pack that looks like a cigarette pack so they are easy to carry or fit into a purse or pocket.  You can smoke the e-cigarette anywhere too because there is no smoke, only water vapor.  

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