Sunday, June 16, 2013

Make Math Silly

Munchkin 2 is at that age where she is learning her shapes and colors.  One of my biggest tools to teach these facts is sidewalk chalk because it is a fun way to get her interested and want to learn and be involved.  Although this is a great way to imprint on a young mind I have found a new way to teach about the colors and shapes....Silly Shapes Pops.
Silly Shapes Pops are a new soft-candy lollipops were developed by Don R. Mueller aka "The Geometry Guy" and hand-made by Mom 'N Pop Inc.  The pops come in 8 geometric shapes, 7 colors, and an assortment of flavors.  The shapes included are circle, square, oval, rectangle, hexagon, triangle, pentagon, and octagon.  The colors include blue, orange, brown, yellow, pink, and white.  The flavors include chocolate and vanilla.
When they arrived and I opened the box the Munchkins were excited and wanted to break into them immediately.  But being the mean mommy that I am I made them wait until dessert time.  I know, I know.  I am horrible.  When dessert time came they were so excited to pick their pops.  They loved that each of the pops had a name to go with them.  
Talk about making math fun!  I didn't have to ask if they liked the pops either because they both gobbled them down without any complaints.  Not that I thought they would have any.
The Geometry Guy says, "They're delicious!".  the Munchkins agree so what are you waiting for?  

Order today your Silly Shapes Pops Today!

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