Saturday, October 12, 2013

Disney Junior Live Pirate and Princess Adventure

Last night Munchkin 2 and I went to Disney Live Pirate and Princess Adventure.  We had a blast!  Munchkin 2 was dancing and interacting the whole time.  We met up with a family friend there with her son and ended up being able to sit together which was great.  

The preshow with Doc McStuffins was very cute and got the kids moving to get their wiggles out.  The first show was the Princess show and Munchkin 2 LOVED it.  The second show was super cute too.  I wasn't expecting to see many of the characters in the shows that we saw because they were from other stories but were tied into these stories too.  Cinderella was in the Princess show and Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Hook and his crew were in the Pirate tale.  

I wasn't surprised to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse though!  I wouldn't have felt like Disney without them.  The show had a short intermission between the two shows to give the kids a break which I thought was a great idea.  Each show was about 30 minutes long which is the perfect amount of time to keep 3-5 years old's attention.  

My only complaint had nothing to do with the actual shows but the prices of the food and souvenirs.  It was $12 fro popcorn or cotton candy, $9 for nachos, and $25 for the little spinning wands that had lights on them.  I thought that was a bit steep.  I knew it would be expensive but it was silly expensive.

If you are looking for a fun night with your little one(s) then Disney Live Pirate and Princess show is for you.  We had a great time and look forward to the next Disney Show that comes to the Phoenix area.

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