Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zaycon Foods

  I have never ordered food before but when I had the chance to try out Zaycon Foods you better believe I was all over it.  I wasn't really sure what to expect but it was super easy.

All I had to do was sign up, place my order and wait to pick it up at the event.

Zaycon Foods is a privately owned company that is based in Spokane, Washington.  They offer a range of different foods including milk, chicken, beef, berries, and salmon.  All their products are straight from farm to you so there is not a middleman to raise the prices and trust me, you see the savings.  All their products are sold by the case.  All their foods are high quality, and nutritious.  Find out more about Zaycon Foods.

When ordering I was surprised to see that they had so many locations near me since  I live in a smaller area.  A very nice surprise.  I was able to choose a location that was only about 5miles from my house.  I ordered the 40lb case of boneless, skinless chicken breast.  On my pick up day I went to the location and waited in line, in my car until they started to hand out the cases.  I was thrilled that the line moved so quickly and efficiently.  I was there for maybe a matter of 15 minutes (I was early), never getting out of my car and then they put my case in my trunk for me and I was off.

Back home I finally got to look at the chicken.  WOW!  The breast were HUGE, I mean HUGE!  

They were not individually wrapped but bagged into 4bags  of 10 pounds.  So naturally, I gave a bag to my neighbors.  Share the love right?  As I bagged the chicken breast into individual bags to freeze I noticed something.  I was going to be able to feed my entire family of 4 on just 2 chicken breast with leftovers!  That was amazing to me, especially since usually I have to make at least 3 store-bought breast to feed my family without leftovers.

I haven't told you the  best part yet though.  The chicken has NEVER been frozen!  Awesome!  

Make sure you check out the Zaycon Foods website and see what the hype is about because it is   definitely worth it.

Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins was provided with a free sample of this product to review, and was under no obligation to review it.  Nor was Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product. 

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