Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fairy Tale High® Dolls

We all remember Disney movies from when we were little and as most things we enjoyed when we were small we try to introduce our children and grandchildren to them.  I have noticed that my Munchkins are not into the older Disney movies.  They prefer the movies that are new and of their generation.  But I have encountered a way to at least get Munchkins 2 interested in the older Disney movies.  

Fairy Tale High® is a place where many of our favorite princesses come together as students of a performing arts school and each have their own personalities.  The best part is the dolls.  Munchkin 2 got 3 different dolls, Teen Belle, Teen Tinker Bell, and Teen Cinderella.  They ares super cute and each has is own likes and dislike and character traits.  Let me introduce them to you.

Hi, my name is Teen Alice in Wonderland. My friends call me Ali. I go to Fairy Tale High with my BFFs, Belle, Little Mermaid and Tink.  I love painting and exploring new places. I have the cutest striped kitty cat named Chessie that I adore.  Sometimes he sneaks into my backpack and comes to school with me. I hope he doesn’t make anyone sneeze!
Hi, my name is Teen Belle. My friends call me B. I attend Fairy Tale High with my best friends Alice, Little Mermaid and Tinker Bell.  My favorite class is cello.  I have been playing the cello since I was seven years old.  After many years of practice, I'm actually pretty good. I also love, love, love shopping for new clothes and hanging out with my friends. I'll see you again soon.  It's time for cello practice.
Hi, my name is Teen Little Mermaid. My friends call me M. I'm so excited to be going to Fairy Tale High with my BFFs Tinker Belle, Alice and Belle.  I am so in love with the beach and swimming! I live in a palace under the sea with my family and swim many miles every morning to get to school.  I am also captain of the swim team! You can also find me singing my heart out before school, after school, even during school! Singing is one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world.  I know my voice classes at Fairy Tale High will help my singing be even better.
Hi, my name is Teen Tinker Bell. My friends call me Tink.  Fairy Tale High is the best school ever.  I love hanging out with my friends Alice, Little Mermaid and Belle. I also love creating cool gadgets out of my friends’ stuff and fixing computers. I sing in a rock band called The Pixie Chicks. You should definitely check us out.  Well, it's almost time for class.  Having wings makes it a breeze to get to school.  I can just fly there!!!
Hi, my name is Teen Beauty, but my BFFs call me Sleeping Beauty, because I need a ton of beauty rest! I take naps whenever and wherever I can. I attend Fairy Tale High with Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel—my three fav friends!  I am really into making clothes and my favorite class at Fairy Tale High is Fashion Design. I love creating fabulous outfits for my friends when I am not busy trying to stay awake during math class. Boy, I sure hope Rapunzel will share her notes.
Hi, my name is Teen Cinderella. My friends call me Cindy. I go to school at Fairy Tale High with three of the coolest kids in the kingdom—Rapunzel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. I have the best shoe collection... although I always seem to be missing one! I could dance all night, but I never stay out past midnight. I can’t wait to have a ball with my prince charming at the school prom!
Hi, my name is Teen Snow White. My friends call me Snow.  I just love going to Fairy Tale High with my best friends in the land Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Rapunzel. I am crazy about music and love writing songs!  In my free time, I play the piano.  But who has the time? It seems like I am constantly taking care of my seven little brothers! That's okay though because family comes first.
 Hi, my name is Teen Rapunzel. My friends call me Gigi (that stands for Golden Girl, because my hair is so, well, gold)!  I attend Fairy Tale High with my besties, Cindy, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Hair is my life! I style it and work it every day and night. You’ll never spot me with a bad hair day, and thanks to my style abilities, none of my friends have to worry about that either! When I’m not fussing over my hair or someone else’s, I’m singing.  Even though I am only in high school, I am already a professional singer and perform shows all over town.  Come see me at my next gig!  I always get back stage passes for my friends.  

You can watch webisodes on their website.  Or download their ebooks for FREE.  

These dolls are great for all ages, especially those that are too old for traditional dolls but would relate better to a teen version of a beloved character.  

You can find Fairy Tale High® dolls nationwide at Toys R Us, Wal-mart, and many online retailers.  They have a suggested MSRP of $17.99 per doll.

Make sure you check out them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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